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Best Practice Procedures

Dibbens Removals COVID-19 Best Practice Procedures

The purpose of this guide is to reduce the transfer risk of COVID-19 between staff, our clients and the general public.

By accepting our quotation you are agreeing to abide by these procedures and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the staff are able to carry out their duties in accordance with these procedures.

We must be assured no-one in your household has had or are showing symptoms of Corona Virus during the the move and/or an appointment with one of our surveyors.

We also recommend anyone considered to be in a high-risk category should not be on site and a representative may need to be appointed in their place

Removals Services

Prior To Removal Day

  1. Pack and prepare fully before our arrival, try to avoid any last minute packing.
  2. Clearly mark all boxes with destination (e.g. Bed 1/Lounge/Kitchen).
  3. Dismantle furniture items wherever possible.
  4. Test for Covid-19 the evening before moving day.

Moving Day

  1. Social distance please give our staff room to work, we do not normally wear face masks during the removal.
  2. No pets should be free to roam around the house.
  3. No other trades people to be in the property(s).
  4. Door’s wedged open if possible.
  5. Facemasks should be warn if you’re in a high risk group and/or the Social Distance Rule cannot be adhered too.
  6. Windows can be opened to maximise ventilation.
  7. W/C, wash facilities should be made available for the move crew.

What we are doing 

Maintain wellness checks at the start of each day, to include temperature readings being taken/reported each morning.

Staff will be reminded of the need for good hand and respiratory hygiene, and to avoid touching their face.

Staff who are unwell with symptoms of Coronavirus should not present themselves for work or, in the event that they do, they will be sent home.

Alcohol hand sanitiser (80%) and wipes will be carried by each crew member, stocks will be replenished as required.

Crew should wash their hands thoroughly on an hourly basis and, if wearing, frequently sanitise the work gloves.

Packing materials will only be used once (Boxes returned will be stored for minimum 7 days before re-use).

Local Surveys/Quotations

We are offering remote surveys using our existing Online Quotation Form.

  1. Home visits will be conducted using similar precautions listed for moving day above, particularly numbers 5, 6, 7 & 9.
  2. Our surveyors will carry face-masks in addition to using hand sanitiser immediately prior to arrival and on departure.
  3. Preferably vacate the property on our arrival, leaving doors & windows open. In any event always adhere to the minimum 2 metre social distance rule.

Office & Warehouse

  1. Unnecessary visits to our office are discouraged and sanitiser provided for visitors.
  2. Washrooms are equipped with soaps, sanitiser and paper towels.