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dibbens vanEach move is unique, there is no such thing as an average move. Every quotation we provide is bespoke and tailored to your needs.

If your property is on the Isle of Wight

Call us on (01983) 566425 during office hours

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We will arrange a visit by one of our experienced moving surveyors. During our visit you will have the opportunity to discuss your move in detail including packing options and advice.

If your property is on the Mainland

Complete our Online Quotation Form.

If you prefer you can download our Microsoft Word version and complete in your own time.

Please save the file to your computer before completing and send by post or Email to 

Complete fully as possible and avoid vague answers like ‘averagely filled shed’ or ‘Some Plants’. Too much information is better than too little!

If you have an area which is difficult to list you can attach a photo for us to assess.

Our quotations include Ferry Charges & Standard Liability.