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The small print…

Removers Terms & Conditions

When it comes to taking responsibility for loss or damages removers terms have two very distinct liabilities or will offer optional insurance.

Limited Liability – £40 Per Item….

Also known as restricted liability, all insured removers will accept limited liability, if negligent, for loss or damage. Unfortunately it will be limited to a maximum of £40 or £50 per item. The entire contents of a carton is considered an item. In the event of a fire all liability is specifically excluded.

Standard Liability or Optional Insurance – Beware of £250 Excess….

Many removal companies will charge a premium for ‘Insurance’, ‘Enhanced Liability’, ‘Standard Liability’, ‘Regular Liability’ or whatever they choose to call it!

Not only do they charge you for this, should you need to make a claim they will then deduct an Excess off any settlement – which can range from £50.00 to over £250!!

We do things differently, we accept Standard liability for all our local & national removals up to £50,000*. No charge. No Excess.

In respect of Storage, we will accept liability up to a maximum average value of £5,000 per container. We can accept a higher valuation subject to a small increase in our storage charges.


Our Full Terms & Conditions which can be viewed below.

Dibbens Removals – Full Terms & Conditions

COVID-19 Best Practice Procedures


Our liability for loss or damage to your goods can be viewed below.

Dibbens Removals – Our Liability To You For Loss or Damage



*Can be increased to £100,000 for larger removals or on request. Excludes overseas removals.