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Storage services On the Isle of Wight

We offer secure and damp free storage in our depository in Ryde.

Your effects will be packed into individual wooden storage containers, each with there own unique identification number, and placed into one of our depositories.

The stores are protected by monitored intruder & fire alarms with 24hr CCTV surveillance.

The Wooden Storage Container

Not to be confused with steel shipping containers normally kept outside, our containers are stored safely inside protected from the elements.

Our containers have a capacity of 250 Cubic Feet/7 Cubic Meters with an area of 35 Square feet.

Blankets are provided to cover and protect your furniture.

They are all the same size, just fill and pay for as many as you need, no booking an oversized room or wasting space!

Collection & Delivery Service

We have a fleet of custom built container vehicles which enable collection and delivery at your property. This system reduces handling, risk of damage and saves time ensuring that your furniture and effects are stored efficiently.

Advantages of using our removal services;

  • Reduced Storage Charges – Using our experience we will make full use of space, reducing the No. of containers.
  • Discounted Storage  –  20% off our standard weekly rate.
  • Comprehensive Cover – Our Standard Liability is included during transit up to £50,000.
  • Increased Storage Liability – Up To £7,500 Per Container or £50,000 (whichever is lower).

Self Storage

We offer the same storage containers for rental if you prefer to deliver and collect yourselves.

Obviously we cannot accept liability for any damage however we will in the event of a fire or theft following forced entry into our warehouse.

  • Ideal for smaller moves or ‘clearing out the house’ prior to selling
  • Blankets supplied to protect furniture
  • Load under cover in our warehouse
  • Park right up to the container – no walking, stairs or lifts!

Access To Stored Goods

During the storage period you may wish to access your containers, advance booking is required and charges may apply.

Self Store Access

You may load, unload or re-stack the container(s) without our assistance during office hours. There is no charge for this service but must be booked in advance.

Unfortunately we can no longer accept liability for damages if self accessed.

Assisted Access

We can provide a removal porter to unload your container and/or pack it away after you have finished.

This is a chargeable service with other options are available to keep liability for damages intact.

Storage Liability

Whilst your personal possessions are in our care you can be assured they will be kept secure and dry in one of our modern storage warehouses. For peace of mind in the event of a fire or forced entry into the building our standard storage liability is included free of charge up to an average value of £5,000 per container. A higher valuation can be arranged for a small additional charge.